Column Type : OMNI ODS BP 5μm

Column Dimension : 250mm*4.6mm. ID

Mobile Phase:


Acetonitrile %55

Water %45

Flow Rate : ? (detail data please inquiry support@biolead.net )

Detection Mode and Setting : UV

Sample Diluent : 80% Methanol in water (Please note , the sample solvent is very important )

Sample Concentration: ? (detail data please inquiry support@biolead.net)

Injection Volume : ? (detail data please inquiry support@biolead.net )

Retention Time : 5-25min

1 Ginsenoside RK3 6.5 min

2 Ginsenoside RH4 7.0 min

3 Ginsenoside RG3(S) 6.4min

4 Ginsenoside RG3(R) 6.7min

5 Ginsenoside RK1 11.2min

6 Ginsenoside RG5 11.4min

7 Ginsenoside RH2(S) 17.2min

8 Ginsenoside RH2(R) 18.2min

Calculation : Area percent normalization You will get the most exact test result in very short time by following our test method

Biolead take advantage of enzymatic reaction extracting ginsenoside products. We import our ginseng raw material from State of Wisconsin of the USA and South Korea.Extract from ginseng and panax pseudoginseng. There are 40 ginsenoisde products we are focusing on 6 desugared rare products .They are ginsenoside RH2 (both S and R form),RG3(both S and R form) ,RG5. Products has verified by SGS ,FDA,Kosher certifications , without any heavy metal residue and no strong acid and alkali extracting process make sure our products reach food grade and medical grade safety level.Also ,ginsenoside RK1,RK3,RH4 are our popular products .Biolead improved the purity of all products to 98.5% , RK3 product improved to 99% .Most importantly , we could supply over 1000kg/tonnes of any ginsenoside products yearly .